Symptom Improvement and Transrectal Ultrasound-Documented Reduction of Prostate Size after Repetitive Prostatic Massage and Antimicrobial Therapy
A 78-year-old man with an enlarged prostate complaining of urinary symptoms  was treated with 10 prostatic massages combined with antibiotics. The patient  was asked to assign a global symptom score to his symptoms throughout the 16- day treatment period. A 10-point scoring system was used, with 10 representing  the most severe symptoms. The patient’s global symptom score fell from 5 before treatment to less than 1 after treatment. His prostate was markedly reduced in  size per palpation, and his prostate volume decreased by 52%, from 63 g to 30 g,  as measured by transrectal ultrasound. This case report demonstrates that  repetitive prostatic massage plus antibiotic therapy was effective in alleviating  one man’s chronic pelvic symptoms, while decreasing the size of his prostate as  measured by transrectal ultrasound.
Effects Of Random Rotation Of Antibiotics: A Case Report
Claims on Rotation of different antibiotics, within a period of 1-3 weeks and achieving high cure rates have been posted in Prostatitis News Groups.However  our research group on Chronic Prostatitis,have not been able to find valid peer  reviewed material on this approach.
Repetitive Prostatic Massage and Drug Therapy as an Alternative to Transurethral Resection of the Prostate
Acute urinary retention followed by failed attempts at catheter removal, is considered an indication for transurethral resection of the prostate. We describe 5 men with urinary retention and indwelling catheters, treated with repetitive prostatic massage, antimicrobials, alpha-blockers, and in two cases, finasteride.
Symptom Remission and Improved WBC and RBC Counts in 30 Men with Chronic Genitourinary Complaints Treated with Repetitive Prostatic Massage, Antimicrobials, and Medical Therapy
The Manila Genitourinary Clinic treats men with chronic urogenital complaints with repetitive prostatic massage, antimicrobial therapy, and sometimes with urologic medications.
Changes in white blood cell counts in men undergoing thrice-weekly prostatic massage, microbial diagnosis and antimicrobial therapy for genitourinary complaints
Objective To report changes in the white blood cell (WBC) counts in expressed prostatic secretions (EPS) conin men with pelvic symptoms undergoing thrice-weekly prostatic massage combined with antimicrobial therapy.
Clinical Remission of Chronic Refractory Pelvic Symptoms in Three Men
We report on three American men with chronic refractorypelvic pain, urinary symptoms, and sexual dysfunction who traveled to thePhilippines for treatment. In the Manila Genitourinary Clinic, the patientswere treated with microbial diagnosis, antimicrobial therapy, and 19, 27,and 21 prostatic massages respectively. All three patients underwent resolutionof symptoms.